Since 1985, Audrie’s Limousine Service has proudly been serving the greater Southern California area. Three decades ago, we saw the need for safe and affordable means of luxury transportation in the local area, while at the same time desiring to offer friendly and professional customer service.

Southern California’s Premier Limousine Company

Our longevity is proof of our dedication to our valued customers. With our commitment to superior services, friendly customer service, and professional integrity, Audrie’s Limousine Service is happy provide high-quality services.

Audrie’s Limousine Service professionals are friendly experts that have the credentials necessary for such a pristine position. Our chauffeurs have the formal training and with their continual experience, friendly disposition, and careful, skillful driving techniques, you can count on Audrie’s Limousine Service making every service a memorable addition to your limousine experience.

Audrie’s Limousine Service fleet selection are well-maintained and well-kept vehicles. With the extra care and maintenance provided, the fleet is dependable, safe, and provides a luxurious experience on a consistent basis.

Being fully licensed and insured, you can have the peace of mind that you are in the best hands in Southern California. As we proudly serve the people in Southern California, we are happy to accommodate the locals and visitors. We are happy to meet your needs and have the flexibility to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week No matter if you are in need of luxury transportation for corporate needs, or wanting to have extraordinary experience relaxing in wine country, or any other special occasion, Audrie’s Limousine Service is happy to oblige.

Audrie’s Limousine Service was created through dedication and commitment to our valued customers as well as hard work. From day one we set out to be the premier Limousine Company in Southern California. We have set an uncompromising course of excellence when it comes to our customer service which has been reciprocated in our customer loyalty. We acknowledge that our customers have made us to what we are today and will carry us into the future too. Our passion is to be the best in the industry and we feel confident that once you experience Audrie’s Limousine Service, you too will be enamored!

Personalized Limousine Solutions

We offer a personalized solution for everyone! Every trip and group party is different so why trust a one-size-fits-all approach? Audrie’s Limousine Service specializes in personalized professional service for every customer. The next time you are planning a trip or wanting a ride, contact Audrie’s Limousine Service. We’ll give you a customized solution that is perfect for your special event.

Audrie’s Limousine Service is happy to oblige with the limousine services you require, no matter if you want to keep your party together, looking for a luxury designated driver for a fun night out, or want to add a memorable addition to your wedding or other special event in your life.

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